What to Expect from your Detailer?

With our most basic pakage we take extra measures to ensure you have a vehicle that feels brand new. A vehicle's interior cleaning begins with a thorough vacuuming to remove all loose dirt and prepare the car for the interior detail. A brush and air nozzle are used to clean the air vents, and to get between the seats and other tight areas. After a complete vacuuming, the car's interior is shampooed from top to bottom, literally. Use a mild cleaning solution, a soft wash mitt and towels. Wash wheels, tires, doorjambs, bumpers, grilles, and all of the nitty-gritty tight spots on the car remove any road tar and bugs that are stuck to the finish.



SILVER $100-$150 Hand Wash and Dry

  • Vacuum Interior
  • Engine Wash
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Polish/Wax
  • Carpet Shampoo


GOLD $200

  • Silver Level+
  • Leather Treatment



  • Gold Level+
  • Car Buff**
  • Undercarriage 


Advanced car detailing

With advanced car detailing we start by examining the paint to establish a game plan to really make the finish look as new as possible. We use specialized foam pads and polishes with a power buffer to remove scratches, scuffs and other small imperfections from the paint. Then decide what products and tools to use, based on the condition of the paint.



  • Headlight Restoration $75
  • Engine Bay $50
  • Undercarriage $50
  • Interior pet hair removal $50
  • Smoke/odor Removal $75
  • Clay Bar $150
  • Color Sand Starts at $500 – bring in for estimate
  • Scratch Removal/Polish $250
  • Tar and Paint Touch-ups $250
  • Autoflex Coating Starts at $1,200 – bring in for estimate
  • Wheel Repair- Bring in for estimate
  • Motorcycles $75


Route 66 Auto Haus brings the very best in automotive detailing to Amarillo. Our lead detailer is an expert at detail work, and you can be assured of the best automotive experience.


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